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VLT casino software

Published on: 27 March,2017

Imperium – Games offers its customers quality software for the gaming terminal that can be used for work in computer clubs, or at any other places of leisure.

The terminal is a computer device connected to the touch screen, bill acceptor, dispenser or printer.

Imperium – Games offers two options for terminals:

– Terminal – cashier;

– Terminal – player;

Terminal- cashier allows players to register and receive a login and password to play on any device, anywhere with an Internet connection.

To replenish or withdraw money from the gaming account as from a terminal with this type, same from the cashier in the game room. To play directly IN the ” terminal-cashier” is impossible.

The second type of software is “terminal-player”. It implies the ability to play directly on the terminal, with the input and output of funds.

  • multicurrency and multilingual;

  • variety of game interfaces;

  • intuitive interface;

  • SMS notification to the administrator terminal (error related to the lack of money for the results, etc.);

  • setting nominal banknotes for the reception and delivery;

  • compatible with different models of bill acceptors;

Every online player, no matter is it an experienced gambler or a newcomer, can find interesting and useful description of the most reputable and trusted software operators. There are many good online casinos, which are supported with the best casino software, so it will be not very difficult for you to find the one which will meet your requirements

If you want to get high and stable income from the lottery terminal or the game room – choose the casino software for terminals by Imperium – Games.

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